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SUBMIT TO NEW AX WOUND march 20th deadline/ preview of new content!

Dear Ax Wound Peoples,

Thank you so much for all your support. It means so much to me and everyone who is about the mission of promoting women and the role of gender in our favorite bloody genre.

I am writing to let you know that currently I am putting together the new issue.
It's very exciting and I think you will all enjoy this one very much!

Some of the content you can look forward to:

Article about horror and porn
Article about womens roles in the films of Eli Roth w/ E.
Roth interview
Shannon Lark interview (plus loads of other exciting interviews!)
The role of the SLut in slasher films
Interview with Valerie Castro of THE PERIOD by Andrew Shearer
A look at:
Women in Horror documentary
the coming of horror-age with NOS
Girls and Corpses talk with Corpsy
Original HORROR ART and fiction
reviews reviews reviews of books films websites
resources for the female horror fan who wants to take
her fandom to the extreme....
this is ONLY A PREVIEW of THE MANY MANY things in this issue!
it is chock full of goodness!
BE PART OF IT.......

Send your submission to AXWOUNDZINE@YAHOO.com

Your deadline is March 20th.

Be in touch if you wanna discuss braninstorm ways to get involved!
I need yoU!

Hearts & Butcher Knives,
Hannah Neurotica
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