a person (jsl32) wrote in feministfilm,
a person

unsettling moments in resident evil: extinction (triggering and spoilered)

i like the resident evil series of movies as cheesy fun, but the third one so far had some deeply unsettling moments. for one thing, it opens with the character of alice being shot while in a skimpy red dress, completely unarmed. yes, the same alice that runs around kicking butt the rest of the film. but it's a clone.

that doesn't make it all right when the camera pans back to a shot of a pit filled with similar alices all in skimpy red dresses, many of them with lower limbs askew in sexualised ways.

it also doesn't make it all right that it's all cloned ladies when alice is strangled by a giant super-zombie about halfway through the film, again while unarmed, and again in the skimpy red dress. her fragility while being murdered makes the viewer intensely uncomfortable and upset.

i feel that the movie is undercutting its own 'gurlz kick butt!' message by having these moments of brutally killing unarmed, disoriented women dressed in skimpy clothing.
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