Ide Cyan (ide_cyan) wrote in feministfilm,
Ide Cyan

All About Steve

Saw it this evening. I'm not saying it's a masterpiece, but it's definitely suffering unfairly from being reviewed in the lens of the genre of romantic comedies. I know it's being marketed as a romantic comedy, but it's not one: it's a farce, which should become obvious when the romance angle is thoroughly abandonned, but for the fact that there are also romantic comedies around that apparently treat their characters as if they were in a farce. Mary's childishness and automatic behaviour are horrible characterisation if they define a romantic lead, but they make perfect sense -- as does the crescendo of bizarre circumstances/news items that form the backdrop of her adventures -- for a lead character in a farce. Do women even get to play those roles usually? I say Bravo! Sandra Bullock for getting it. Seriously.

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